In May 2021, we've added a bunch of new updates and fixes. Read on!

Import company names/domains from a file

Many of our customers asked us to add the opportunity to search for leads based on an imported list of company names/domains. Now it is available, and you can import a CSV file with up to 50,000 company names/domains into the Search by clicking Import from file in the correspondent filter.

Default views available in the lists

Before, the default views on the Contacts page could be applied only to all contacts, and now you can use them inside lists. For that, select a list first and then apply any default view to see the contacts from the lists which match the view filter.

Bulk edit properties with any field types

On the Contacts page, you can bulk edit properties of the following field types: multi-line text, date picker, number, dropdown select, multiple checkboxes, single checkbox, and link.

Manage email notifications of new leads from saved searches

You can now receive the email notification when the new leads are found from your saved searches. You can also manage the notifications and turn them on/off at any time in the notifications settings.

Find contact information by LinkedIn profile URL inside GetProspect

You can search a lead by LinkedIn profile URL just by entering the link into Enrich feature inside your GetProspect account. If the lead is found in our database, you will get all the data associated with it: name, company, position, email, location, summary.

Loader next to the list name on the Contacts page

If there are contacts in the list that are processing (email search, enrichment, or email verification), you will see the loader icon next to the list name. This way, you can track when the process of emails search/verification is finished.

Fixes to the UI

Automatic logging into the Chrome extension

Now, once you log in to your GetProspect account, you are logged into the Chrome extension automatically, and you don't need to input your email and password again. This also simplifies the process for the users who sign up with a Google account - now, you don't need to create a password to log in to the extension.

Select a list or choose No list before saving leads from Search.

Before, some of our customers accidentally started the search without selecting the list, and the leads were saved into All contacts and were hard to identify. Now you can't start saving leads until you select a list, or select No list option.

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