With the launch of the update, there is a good reason to provide you with the list of updated features. There are some brand new additions, too. Let's get started!

* all new features will be marked by an asterisk


This feature enables you to perform lead/company searches within our GetProspect database. Our database currently embodies information about more than 50 million leads and 8+ million companies.

Key changes:

  • Preview your leads before you add them to any of your lists. You can now see leads' Full Names, Company Names, Positions, Company Websites, Industries, etc. before you save them. Choose best leads for you campaign!
  • Filters have become more versatile. Now you can simultaneously include and exclude leads by some criteria, input some additional important keywords for your searches, and save searches to repeat them on timely basis.
  • Saving leads has changed too. Now you can extract their data into multiple lists, select how many leads per single company are added, and even add previously included leads.

Learn how to make search on GetProspect database.


Now it is possible to enrich not only contacts' data, but company profiles as well. All you need to have at your disposal is a list of Names and Company Names.

Key changes:

  • Now nor only can you import contacts' data to enrich it, but also for company lists.
  • You can import lists that can be stored for you inside your workspace so that they can be enriched later on.
  • If you have a list of LinkedIn profile URLs only, we can find for you all the necessary data pieces in bulk.
  • Now you are able to import your own data in multiple GP lists at the same time.
  • Error reports are now available after imports are finished. These are the logs containing information about contacts'/company profiles that have not been processed for some particular reason.

Note: the enrichment takes place if within our database such information is stored, if it is not available, we will use contacts' Full Names + Company Names/Domains to at least provide you with business email addresses.

Learn more on how to import file to enrich data.


The way all of your contacts/companies are shown is up to you. You can create custom filtered views so that all of the contacts are shown in specific order. Dynamic lists are now a thing!

Key features:

  • Create dynamic filtered views so that contacts from the workspace are displayed in one common view, sharing same criteria (ex., "CEO, the USA"). With such filtered view, all of such CEOs from the United States will be shown in that list.
  • This feature is applicable to companies as well.
  • Manage your saved views (rename, re-adjust filtering criteria, delete, or clone them).

Learn more on custom views.


If you have multiple businesses/clients/teams, you can manage your work from one GetProspect account by creating multiple workspaces. This allows you to keep your lists, contacts and companies separately for each your project.

Key features:

  • You can create unlimited number of workspaces.
  • The subscription plan is applied only for a workspace you purchased it from. You can purchase a subscription plan for each of the workspaces.
  • The deduplication of contacts and companies is made within same workspace. The same contacts/companies can be added to separate workspaces.

Learn more on how to create and manage your workspaces.


Properties are used to store data on particular objects in GetProspect, such as contacts and companies. In other words, those are data fields.

There are two types of properties - default ones and custom properties.

You can create new custom properties when you need additional properties to collect information for your business processes.

You can:

  • Create custom properties to store data on your objects
  • Edit existing properties
  • Create or edit property groups

Learn more on how to manage properties.


You can edit data for your multiple contacts/companies at the same time.

You can select all of them and choose what to do next: enrich, find emails, verify emails, edit, delete, or add to a list.

Learn more on how to bulk edit records.


From now on, any given contact may be associated with more than 1 company he/she works for. It also means that more than 1 email address can be found and added for each particular contact. The more, the better!


Group your potential customers in a way that really matters to you. You can build your own nested folder system. Store lists and segment potential customers according to any criteria you choose.

Learn more on how to create list folders.


Understand better your consumption rate and how many successful searches or email verifications you made on a particular day. We have now introduced the credit usage history, credit usage chart, and credit usage exports.

You can filter the usage by:

  • User (who on your team consumed how many credits on some day)
  • Type (what the credits were charged for on the other day)
  • Date (on what day how many credits were used).

Learn more about the credits and how they are spent.


This feature in particular is something that we have all been missing on! Notifications are essential to understand when any given task is completed.

GetProspect customers will be notified when:

  • A search in the database is finished
  • A process of enrichment is completed
  • An Import or export is performed
  • A plan is about to be used up

Almost every significant event within our platform is going to appear in your notifications panel.


It is important to maintain your account secure. In order to prevent any fraud attempts, unauthorised login sessions, possible data leakages, and other cyber compromises, we have provided you with security sessions.

Track you account activities and keep yourself safe. If any login session does not belong to you, press on the Disconnect button to shut down that open session.

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