To verify the email addresses:

  1. In your GetProspect account, navigate to your contacts.
  2. Select the contacts which you want to verify. You can apply a filter or view to your contacts to display specifically the contacts you want to verify.
  • To verify a few contacts, select the checkboxes next to the contacts you want to verify.
  • To verify all of the contacts on a page, click Select All at the top of the tab.

3. At the top of the table, click Verify emails.

4. You will be charged 0,5 credits for each verified email address.

5. You will get one of the three verification statuses: valid, accept all, invalid. Learn more on verification results.

Note: the emails which were found on GetProspect are already verified and don’t need additional verification. The email addresses found on GetProspect only should be re-verified if they were found more than 30 days ago.

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