You can add team members to share the workspace and subscription.

To add members to a workspace, go to Workspaces&Teams section of your account.

Input the email address of a person you want to share your workspace with and click Add to your team.

The email will be sent to a user with a link to sign up for an account. Once the user signs up and then sign in to the account, they will be taken to the shared workspace.

Note: only team admin can manage the subscriptions, add new users to the team, change the admin, and see he overall workspace usage.

Changing workspace admin

To change the workspace admin, 2 things are required:

  1. You should have another personal workspace besides the shared one.
  2. New admin should be existing team member.

If you don't have another workspace, you can create it. Learn how to create a workspace.

To change the workspace admin, follow the steps:

  1. Click the account icon in the right upper corner. Hover over Create or switch workspaces and click All workspaces.
  2. Hover over the workspace which you want to change admin for and click Actions => Change workspace admin.
  3. Select the user which you want to be a new admin from the dropdown, and click Save.

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